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Luke 6:31 – How Do You Treat Others?

March 28 Luke 6 31 NKJVIt’s easy to treat people well when you like them and things are good between you. But how do you treat people who cut you off in traffic, skip in line at the grocery store, the people who hurt or disappoint you? Don’t we tend to try to justify how we treat them based on how they treated us?

But let me ask you a question: Have you ever been distracted in your driving and accidently cut off someone else? Or have you been dealing with an irritable child and without realizing it jumped in line at the grocery store not really intending to? Have you ever hurt or disappointment someone? More than likely you can say yes to at least one (if not all) of those questions. In those moments, how would you want others to treat you? You would want them to understand the situation you are in and show you grace, compassion, and forgiveness, right? Well Jesus said that however you want people to treat you, is how you should treat others. Even if the other person’s intentions were purely malicious, we are to treat them the same way we would want others to treat us. What a different world we would live in if everyone lived this way!

Let’s take it a step further. What if Jesus treated us the way we deserve to be treated rather than showing us grace, compassion, and forgiveness? If He did, then none of us would have even small chance of eternity in  heaven. We’d all get exactly what we deserve – Hell. If Jesus can love us, even while we are yet sinners and at our most unlovable state He gave His life for us, than we can love others even when they treat us negatively.

Today, will you commit to taking a moment to think about how you would want to be treated when others are not treating you as they should and then treat them the way you want to be treated?

God, help us not to react when we are mistreated but to show others the same love, grace and forgiveness that you have shown to us. 

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