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Judges 2:10 – The Misadventures of Parenting Mishaps

When we look across our globe and the nations around it – do we see a generation that does not know God? When a nation falls apart and becomes riddled with crime, disease, greed, selfishness, sexual immorality, and hate, it become easy to blame the generation who is living in such a way. However, it isn’t just their fault. Yes, they make choices and are responsible for those choices. But we also need to examine the parents who raised that generation. … Continue readingJudges 2:10 – The Misadventures of Parenting Mishaps


Luke 5:16. The Need to Withdraw And Pray

The simple truth is that doing life on our own power is impossible. Even Jesus, the Son of God, took time to get away alone to pray – often. Everywhere He went, people pressed Him to be healed, to cast out a demon, to restore sight, to walk again. They listened as He taught them. They wanted to see another miracle. By going to remote places to be alone, He could pray without interruptions. If Jesus found it necessary to have the connection to God through prayer, than how much more do we need to find that connection also? … Continue readingLuke 5:16. The Need to Withdraw And Pray

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