Living in the “oneness” that God intended in marriage allows us to live together with a clear conscience because we choose to conduct ourselves honorably in everything.Continue Reading

We basically have two choices: We can be part of the problem or part of the solution. One will lead our nation – and even our world – hurling to the end of time when God destroys the earth by fire. The other can bring revival and change. You must decide if you will be on Team Problem or Team Solution.Continue Reading

The King of kings came to seeking sinners. Sinners like me and like you. That is why He came – he came seeking sinners to call them to repentance.Continue Reading

BIBLE TRIVIA: What was the name of the priest’s garment that had onyx stones that were engraved with the names of the sons of Israel?Continue Reading

Although God found Noah “perfect in his generation,” it does not mean Noah was sinless. Rather he could be said to be wholesome, godly, and honorable, obedient to God. And God found him as righteous. But for the people in Noah’s day, not so much. Continue Reading