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Bible Trivia Challenges

Trivia Answer

BIBLE TRIVIA: He who began a good work in you will not complete it until when?


Happy New Year!

We all have those moments in life where we wish we could be granted a “re-do.” Re-dos are a positive method of discipline that is beneficial for children who have had traumatic backgrounds. It allows a caregiver/parent to demonstrate a desired behavior and then invite the child to re-do the incorrect behavior. When the child gets it correct the …

Believing God's Promises

God Always Finishes What He Starts

Do you ever begin a project, but don’t complete it? Maybe it ended up being more expensive than you thought it would be. Or maybe it required you to invest more time than you have to give it. Maybe it was more difficult than what you saw on Pintrest. Maybe your project wasn’t turning out …

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