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“There is more fun when you do do self-care together with a partner. And just maybe when you reach heaven, you’ll learn that your friend was close to a medical crisis but your teaming up with them helped them avoid that crisis – or maybe your own.” — Julie BruceContinue Reading

“If you have problems making physical self-care a priority, team up with a friend or group so you’ll be more likely to follow through with your plan. There’s nothing like accountability to make us get busy doing the things we know we ought to be doing. ” –Julia BruceContinue Reading

“Maybe you plan to go to the gym but cancel it because that ministry project is running behind or a church member is rushed to the hospital. So you schedule the gym for tomorrow. But the problem with the tomorrow is that it never gets here.” –Julia BruceContinue Reading

BIBLE TRIVIA: What did Joseph plan to do when he learned that Mary was pregnant?
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