When a Goliath is in our path do we focus on the giant and quiver in fear or do we focus on God and stand strong in faith?Continue Reading

If we want to reset our moral compass and bring God’s glory back to our nation, it begins in your house and in my house through a spiritual revival.Continue Reading

Nehemiah was upset by the report of the state of Jerusalem. So much so that he cried for “many days” and he fasted and prayed. We can use his prayer as we enter a time of praying for America and model our prayers after his. Continue Reading

Today, we don’t get mighty rushing winds and tongues of fire that sit on us, but we do get the same powerful Holy Spirit at the moment that we ask Jesus to be our Savior and the same task to be witnesses.Continue Reading

What do you think of when you think of a hand? When you think about your God’s hand, think of his provision, his power, his presence, and his protection that gives you salvation, safety, and security.Continue Reading