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Couple Challenge: Relationship Builder


One might be able to say that the first prayer walk occurred when Joshua and the Children of Israel marched around the city of Jericho, although there were no instructions from God that they were to pray as they walked. However, I could imagine that quite a few prayers went up as they walked around the city every day for six days and then seven times around it on the seventh day. Today, in our schools, there may not be a formal time of prayer, but as long as there are tests in schools, there will be prayer! Before your children or grandchildren start back to school, take some time to prayer walk the schools they attend. Pray for the teachers that will be in each classroom and the ones that will be teaching your children and grandchildren. Pray for the students that will walk the halls and sit in the desks. Pray for the administration that will be leading the school. Pray for coaches and sports teams to honor God as they play. Pray for safety, wisdom, understanding and knowledge for every student and teacher. If you don’t have children or choose to homeschool your children, pick a school in your neighborhood to pray for. Add the school(s) to your daily prayer list and pray for the teachers, students, and faculty daily.

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Couple Challenge: Faith & Marriage


As Christians, we need to be praying for others. After dinner and before dark, take a walk down through your neighborhood. As you pass each house say a prayer for the family that lives there, even if you don’t know them. You can always pray that God’s will would be done in their life, pray they would seek Him first, and that He would bless them. You don’t have to know everything going on in their life…God already does. Take a prayer walk as often as you are able.