David’s motives behind the census was putting trust in his military power-not God. His motives was his sin. From David, we can learn 6 things about sin.Continue Reading

Because Jesus is God, there is no better authority to teach us about how God wants us to live. When Jesus taught, his teaching held the authority of God.Continue Reading

A daily verse about the state of our nation and time for Christians to unite in prayer, asking God to send a revival across our land and turn our nation back to Him.Continue Reading

Paul said there would be pressure & trouble on every side & that is espeically true in ministry. Biblical self-care keeps us doing what God has called to do.Continue Reading

David’s motives behind the census is what drew God’s attention. David was putting trust in his military power rather than in the Lord’s protection and guidance. From David’s actions we can learn six things about sinContinue Reading