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Mark 14:29-31. Denying Jesus

March 13 Mark 14 29-31Isn’t it easy to say with our mouth that we are willing to follow Jesus anywhere. Our heart may even mean it at the time we say it. But when the path gets difficult or even leads to the cross, what about then?

Peter even states that he’s willing to die with Jesus, but when he is identified as one of Jesus’ followers, three times he denies he knows who Jesus is. As soon as the rooster crowed, Jesus looked at Peter and Peter remembers that Jesus had told him he would deny Jesus three times. Peter than weeps in sorrow.

Today, it’s easy to be a follower of Jesus within our church walls, small groups, and amongst our Christian friends. But what about out in the world? Do your coworkers know that Jesus is Lord of your life? Or do you participate in the office gossip, use curse words, and tell dirty jokes? Does your boss see you as a person of integrity or do you cheat on the time you put in, take company property, and lie to cover up mistakes? If you worked for a company that said you could lose your job because you are a Christian, would you still have a job? If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

God, help me today to walk with integrity, to honor and glorify you in my words and actions. Give me courage to follow you wherever you lead me, even if the path is difficult and full of trials. May I reflect your image so that there is no doubt to anyone that I am a child of God.

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