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Job 19:25

Job 19 25

Job lost everything…except for a nagging wife and friends who thought all he went through was because of some sin against God and God was punishing him. The truth is that God allowed Satan to bring calamity because God knew that Job’s heart was fully trusting in Him. Yet still… no matter what Satan did to Job, he still knew that God was God and He knew that even if God took his life that he would stand in heaven and see God. Do you have that assurance? If today is the last of earth and Jesus returned, would you be with Him? If today was the day of your last breath, do you have the assurance of where you would spend eternity? If not, why not trust in Him today? It’s as simple as admitting your sins and your need for Him, believing that He is the Son of God who died in your place as the penalty for your sin and then was resurrected and now lives in Heaven seated t the right hand of God. Then ask Him to forgive you of your sins and be the Lord  of your life.  Jesus will one day return to earth. He’s only waiting for that moment when God says, “Son, go get my children.” Don’t wait. After you draw your last breath here on earth, it will be too late. Trust in Him now.