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Couple Challenge: Personal Reflection


In today’s world, the concept of gentleness is a lost art and it is looked down upon. But the Bible specifically includes gentleness as a Godly Christian characteristic. In fact, Jesus demonstrated gentleness to people he came in contact with. If you think about it, He could have easily shown all his power and glory and forced the people to believe He was who He said He was. Instead, he taught them and loved them with compassion and gentleness. When we think of gentleness, we typically think of a person who has a mild temper, soft manners, and sweet disposition. However, there is also an element of strength because it requires self-control, thoughtfulness, tact, and concern. As a life-long partner for your spouse, you also have power. Power to build up or tear down. Power to accuse or forgive. Power to exert your will or your authority over the other. Power to lay down the world’s best guilt trip to get your way. But God expects us to live in gentleness that flows from a heart that has learned how to be compassionate, kind, and humble. Take time to pray and ask God to show you when you need to exhibit gentleness and to know how to do so in every moment.