Living in the “oneness” that God intended in marriage allows us to live together with a clear conscience because we choose to conduct ourselves honorably in everything.Continue Reading

Our social-self benefits through the care and concern of our Christian friends as we lean on them for support and as they pray for us, encourage us, and hold us accountable in our walk with God. Continue Reading

Tending to our spiritual self-care and ensuring we stay fully charged is important to the relationship with have with God, but it is also important and necessary to our physical, emotional, sensory, intellectual, and social selves.Continue Reading

There is a reason Paul warned the early church to not neglect getting together as a body of believers (Hebrews 10:25). At church, we find connection, accountability, encouragement, and a group of people of like faith with whom we can share our burdens, receive godly counseling, and grow in faith together. Continue Reading

As we are involved in the ministries of our church, we form social connections that make us happier and healthier. Continue Reading