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Commit Your Way to the Lord

Bless this mess!

How often do we start out on some project or task or ministry and then half way through when things aren’t going right we cry out to God and say “God, Bless this mess!” No matter what we do, we need to start out by seeking God’s will and then commit to Him what He’s calling us to do. If we know we are in His will, we can trust Him and know that He will act…in His time. We can’t always see what He’s doing, but we can know that He is at work and bringing everything together to accomplish His perfect will in our lives. Our part is to commit our way to the Lord and trust Him

Willing to trust

Psalm 37:3 says “Trust in the Lord.” When God has placed a passion on your heart it is exciting and we’re full of energy and can’t wait to get started. We jump in with both feet and off we go. It isn’t enough just to know what God wants you to do. He also has a plan for how to achieve His plan. If we don’t consult Him on how to accomplish His plan, we can get ahead of Him or take a different path to get there than He had planned. The result usually is just a big mess. In the end, God will accomplish His plans, but we often make the route there much harder than God intended.

The result of not trusting God with His plans for you

God had a plan for how Jesus would enter the world. He picked a nation. He then picked a person – Abraham. And it would be through Abraham that all the world would be blessed because generations later Jesus would be the final sacrifice that would pay the price for our sins. God had promised Abraham that he would be a father of many nations. The only problem was Abraham was father to none and he and his wife were too old to have kids. Yet Abraham chose to believe God.

Years later there was still no children. So Sara, his wife comes up with the brilliant plan to give her maid to Abraham to have a son by her. Because Hagar was Sara’s slave any child that Hagar conceived by Abraham would legally be Sarah’s son. Abraham agrees and Hagar has a son. But Hagar’s son was not the son of the promise and the result of their actions is we still have national tensions because Abraham and Sarah went outside of God’s plan to help God achieve his plan.

God doesn’t need our help. He wants our trust. When we commit our ways to Him we are trusting him with our hopes, dreams, failures, plans, finances, marriages, children, health – everything. If we are not willing to commit our ways to God, then we don’t trust Him.

Delighting in the Lord

Verse 4 in Psalm 37 tells us to Delight ourselves in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. This doesn’t mean that when you wake up in the morning a bright, cherry red Lamborghini will be parked in your driveway and your name will be on the registration slip. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, we experience pleasure from being in His presence. When we are in His presence, our will will align with His will and the desires of our heart will begin to match His. So we can be assured that when we delight ourselves in the presence of the Lord, He will give us the desire of our heart – because they will match His desires.

Commit Your Way

When we trust God and delight in Him we will have no problems committing our way to Him. To commit our way to God means entrusting everything in our lives to His guidance and control. If we are going to commit our way to the Lord, then we must build our lives upon God’s values and not the world. We need to recognize that our time, gifts, talents, and possession are given to us by God to be used for His glory. Because these are blessing from God, we can commit them back to Him and entrust Him with every part of our lives.

Stop Hanging On

I have a poster that hangs in my office of a kitten that is hanging on to a tree branch by its claws. The caption reads, “Hang on, Friday’s almost here.” But God doesn’t want us to dig our claws in and hang on to our dreams, plans, time, gifts, etc. We need to see our dreams not as ours, but as God’s dream that he planted within you. Our plans are not ours. They are His. The time we’ve been given on this earth is His. The gifts and talents we have? Those are His too and he has entrusted them to us to use to carry out His dreams and plans.

What is it that you are hanging on to? He’s standing underneath you saying, “Trust me. Let go. Commit it to me and see what I can do.” Walking with God from a heart of trust is the greatest expression of your love for Him. Whatever you are hanging on to are the things you are not trusting Him with. If you are hanging on to something, chances are you are not living in His will and either you will be miserable or you’ll just make a big mess of trying to accomplish God’s will on your own.

Stop hanging on. Trust Him. Delight in His presence. And commit your ways to Him. Then watch Him act through you and see just what God can do with a heart fully trusting and committed to Him.

Stop hanging on. Trust Him. Delight in His presence. And commit your ways to Him. Then watch Him act through you and see just what God can do with a heart fully trusting and committed to Him.


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