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Luke 7:47- Forgiveness

March 31 Luke 7 47 NKJVIf you have ever experienced forgiveness from a friend or family member then you know what forgiveness feels like. You understand the peace that returns and the restoration of the relationship.  The more we wronged that person, the more grateful we are of the forgiveness they extended to us.

Every one of us sins and we are all in need of God’s forgiveness. Without His forgiveness, we are unable to find the peace our hearts long for. It doesn’t matter whether there is only one sin in our entire lifetime or a million. It doesn’t matter if our sins or just “little” sins or if there is a whole closet full of “big” sins. God doesn’t put quantity or size to our sin. One sin – of any size – and we become a sinner.  Yet, the more we recognize our own sinfulness and our need for a Savior, the more precious Jesus becomes to us and the more love we have for Him. The person with a closet full of big sins will understand God’s grace and forgiveness more than the person with just one little sin. As a result, the person with the “big” sins will, in return, demonstrate more love to the God who forgave him. For example, if two people stand before the same judge, one with a speeding ticket for two miles over the speed limit and the other guilty traffic homicide and both receive forgiveness for their crimes and released – who is likely to feel the most gratitude?

The woman in Luke 7 who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair and anointed his head with oil had come face to face with her own sinfulness. She knew the extent of every sin she had ever committed and knew she needed forgiveness. The Pharisee who had invited Jesus to dinner at his home had still to get passed his pious, ritualistic mentality to see his sinfulness. The woman’s actions demonstrated true repentance and because of her faith, she found forgiveness and salvation. As a result, she could “go in peace” (vs. 50).

Is there anything in your life today that you need to seek God’s forgiveness for? Do you long for peace and restoration of your relationship with Him? Ask Him to forgive you now.

God, thank you for your forgiveness and grace. Because of your forgiveness, we can live in peace with you. Help us to recognize quickly when sin creeps in and to seek your forgiveness once again. 

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