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Numbers 32:23 – Sin will always be revealed

March 04 Numbers 32 23 KJV

One day a school principal received a phone call. The voice said, “Thomas won’t be in school today.” The principal was a bit suspicious of the voice. He asked, “Who is speaking?” The voice came back,  “My father.” Sir Walter Scott penned the lines in his poem entitled Marmion, “Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive.” Sin often becomes a web that we get caught in. Each sin lays down another sticky string of web until the web becomes so tangled we become entrapped in the web that we created. Whether the sin is a lie or any other sin, we can be sure we will be found out…one way or another. Even if we were to get away with it here on earth, God is an omnipotent God. He sees everything and He knows everything – even the thoughts that are never expressed through word or action. An Eastern proverb says: “Curses, like chickens, always come home to roost.” Sin also will “come home to roost.” It might mean that we got caught in the sin. Or maybe we didn’t get caught, but we still live with guilt, regret, and the consequences of our actions. It might mean that relationships are hurt or destroyed. It might mean getting fired from a job. It might mean the end of a marriage. Even if the sin brought no consequences now, God always knows and unconfessed sin affects our prayer life and our relationship with God. So you can be sure that no matter the sin, our sins will indeed find us out.

God, forgive us of our sins and help us live in obedience to your Word. 

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