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Scripture of the Day

Psalm 9:1

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Scripture of the Day

1 Kings 8:23

Have you taken time lately to tell God how great He is? How has He been great to you personally? Can you say that you walk before God with your whole heart? What have you not surrendered to Him?  What do you make more important to you than Him? What do your priorities look like? …

Praise & Worship

Praise Him …With My Whole Heart

It’s easy to praise God with our whole hearts when things are going great in life. It’s easy to praise Him when we see Him answer prayers or see Him at work in our lives. It’s easy to open up our mouths and belt out our praise when we are in church on Sunday and …


Knowing God….Whole-heartedly

If God were to look at your heart and take only the portion that you have given to Him, how much would he take? Would you hand over 25% of your heart and say, “That’s enough God.” What about 50%? 75? Maybe 99.9%? When the prophet Jeremiah wrote, “I will give them a heart to …

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