Ananais and Sapphira were guilty of lying to the Holy Spirit. Are Christians today guilty too? Continue Reading

when He went into the synagogue and started teaching, He taught with authority – the kind that comes directly from God.Continue Reading

have you ever thought about the fact that we celebrate Christmas because they sinned? Think about it for a moment. All the twinkling lights, the Christmas trees, the gifts, the ornaments, Christmas dinner, time with family – all because Adam and Even sinned.Continue Reading

Practicing spiritual self-care according to God’s Word: Bible Study
If prayer is how we communicate with God, Bible study is one of the ways that God communicates with us. If you feel like you’ve not heard God speak to you recently, when was the last time you participated in personal Bible study?
— Julia BruceContinue Reading

In 2 Timothy 2:15, Paul wrote that we are to study to show ourselves approved unto God so that we can rightly divide the Word of truth. In other words, we need to be studying the Bible so that we can handle the truths within it correctly and teach it to others correctly. Continue Reading