The “Step Aside Coffee” Collection

This is the collection for really tough days when we need the power of Jesus to get us through – days like Mondays. Available in a tank, flowy tankladies tee, long sleeved tee, sweatshirt, hoodie, tote bag…and, of course, a coffee mug. Get your tough days started off with Jesus and take your mug and shirt with you. Click the links to order from Teespring.Step Aside Coffee

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Proceeds from all sells in the Teespring Storefront go to the advancement of this ministry. Thank you for helping us grow.


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Wellspring Christian Ministries

I hold a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Professional Counseling and have more than fifteen years experience in planning events, public speaking, and teaching conferences and trainings of both religious and secular arenas and have strong visionary leadership skills, creative skills, and professional skills.