Why we’re here…

wellspring couple

There is no easy way to break the news so I will just say it. Marriage is HARD! Everyone of us starts out “in love” and thinks we will ride off into the sunset to our “happily ever after.”  If you’ve been married a while, then you know when the honeymoon wears off and routines set in and the stress of paying bills, raising kids, and all the other stresses of life come around that “happily ever after” fades away into “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”  Instead of turning to the one we pledged our life to, we turn against them an begin bickering and fighting. Sometimes we just end up looking across the table at our spouse and things begin to get on our nerves…little things. We’ve known they were there, but through the blinded eyes of love we overlooked them. Now, they just get under the skin and irritate worse than a mattress full of bed bugs. All of a sudden that “until death us do part” of our wedding vows feels like a heavy ball and chain that is pulling us under and weighing us down.

There are answers…and divorce isn’t it! At Wellspring Marriage Ministries, we seek to give you the answers straight from the Bible….without any sugar coating….just straight up what God has to say. So if you’re looking for confirmation of what all your spouse is doing wrong…don’t be surprised if God reveals areas in your own life that need working and your feel as if your toes are being stepped on. If so, then we’re doing what God has called us to do. We’ll step on toes and let God aim for your heart!

Marriage is a gift from God, not a death sentence. If you need to rekindle the spark in your marriage, check out our blogs. We have several blogs, each on different topics to help you get to the areas in your own marriage that needs the most help. If you have a specific area you need help in, reach out to us in our “Contact” area and we will blog about what you want to know (Keeping your personal information confidential!).

We are here to help! Don’t head out for divorce court just yet…let’s trying doing marriage God’s way first. He can resurrect even the coldest, deadest marriage…if you truly desire it.