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Psalm 138:2

Psalm 138 2

What is your motivation for going to church? Is it something you feel you “have to” do or “supposed” to do? Do you go just to see friends that you only get to see on Sunday? Or do you go anticipating the opportunity to worship God, to sing praises to Him, to magnify Him? To do look forward to being amongst the body of believers and fellowshipping with them? Do you eagerly yearn for the message God has laid on the heart of your pastor and listen with ears and a heart ready to for God to speak something personal just to you? The more we recognize the depth God’s loving-kindness towards us, the more our heart will yearn to spend time with Him, everyday of the week and not just on Sunday. I challenge you to examine your “motivator” for attending church and be sure it’s in the right place. If you are a Christian and not part of a local body of believers, then find a church to get plugged in to where the pastor will unapologetically preach the Word of God and where God will lead you to serve and use the spiritual gifts He has given you.

Worship Him in His house today.

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