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Teespring & Spreadshirt Store

What’s new this week in the Teespring and Spreadshop stores

Check out all the available products in the Spreadshirt shop. Also available in the Teespring shop All proceeds go to the advancement of Wellspring Christian Ministries. Thank you for helping us grow! #Micah7:7 #hope #waitingonGod #teespring #spreadshop Don’t forget to memorize this week’s memory verse: Micah 7:7 But I will look to the Lord;I will wait for …

Scripture of the Day

Luke 18:7-8. A Persistent Widow

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tell the parable of the persistent widow. She is a poor, powerless widow up against a corrupt, powerful judge and she is seeking justice. While the Bible is clear on its teaching  that those in power and leadership roles are to work justly and stand up for the week and the poor, this is not Jesus’ point in this parable. There are three things Jesus wants us to get from this parable 1) pray and don’t give up; 2) keep the faith; 3) Justice in a corrupt world can only come from God. 

Prayer Scripture of the Day

1 Samuel 7:5. Intercessory Warfare

What if you were the prayer warrior that someone else might need? It’s easy to pray for the people we know and the struggles they face, but is our heart in tune with God so that as we pass someone at the store or in the park or at the office from another department would we hear God’s whisper that prompts us to pray for that person we don’t know?

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