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Booking Speaking Engagements for Fall, Winter, and 2021

Need a speaker for your next event? We’re booking speaking engagements for church and ministry events. (Due to COVID-19, we are only tentatively booking speaking engagements for events after September 2020 based on the recommendations as issued by the CDC and our government officials.)

Julia Bruce, CEO, Wellspring Christian Ministries. Author of God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars. Booking Speaking Engagements

Julia Bruce is an engaging and interactive speaker, CEO of Wellspring Christian Ministries, and author of God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars. Julia’s book is for Christian couples who seek a closer relationship with each other and with God. The book contains 365 activities for couples to work through together for a year of intentionally growing their relationship. The activities include scripture memory, conversation starters, personal reflections, guided Bible studies, romance builders, relationship builders and date night ideas. The book started out as daily posts on Wellspring’s website to encourage couples to develop Godly marriages and they quickly became the most viewed pages of the site. Julia feels God led her to organize the collection of posts into a book format that couples would be able to work through year after year. She enjoys going to churches and ministry events to talk about how the activities in the book will develop stronger marriages that are centered in Christ, which will then create stronger families. As an interactive speaker, she engages the audience utilizing some of the activities from the book for an evening of fun and time for couples to reconnect, relight the spark, and be reminded that a covenant, Christian marriage takes three people.

Julia is finishing her second book, entitled: Help! No one said ministry was about spiritual battles and difficult people! In this book Julia uses her studies in psychology and professional counseling to take a Biblical approach to self-care to help people serving in the ministry not burn-out, give-up, and walk away from the call God placed on their lives. Whether your ministry position is janitor, volunteer, or the senior pastor, this book will help you recognize the areas in your life that are depleted and need a little GLC (God’s Loving Care) so you can keep doing what God has called you to. You’re assignment in the Kingdom of God is vitally important! Keep an eye out for this book when it is released and see how Biblical self-care can keep you in the ministry to which you have been called.

Julia can bring the Biblical self-care concepts to your next ministry staff retreat to help your ministry team refill, recharge, and renew their hearts for their area of ministry. In this event, the audience will:

  • discover Biblical principles for self-care.
  • gain a Biblical understanding of why self-care is needed
  • learn the difference between stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue
  • take a highly sophisticated and scientific undefined test to determine their stress level (or maybe not so much sophisticated and scientific)
  • understand the benefits of practicing self-care
  • learn to recognize when self-care is needed
  • experience hands-on practice of self-care principles in the six areas of life that can become burned out, stressed out, exhausted, and experience compassion fatigue
  • network with other participants to share experiences from their ministry
  • gain an understanding of how their ministry position (whether cleaning the bathrooms, volunteering in the nursery, or filling the pulpit) is vitally important and necessary for the kingdom of God
  • return to the moment where God called them to serve and reignite the passion and zeal for ministry
  • and join together to pray for each person and ministry in the room.

After years of envisioning the idea and concept of Wellspring Christian Ministries, Julia decided to take a leap of faith and merge her vocational, collegiate, and life experiences and make the dream God put on her heart a reality.  Today we reach people world-wide through blog posts, speaking events, and devotionals. With a strong burden for our nation, Julia has a passion to see a revival sweep across our land and many of her writings and speaking events have a theme of calling God’s people to humble themselves and pray, and seek God’s face as they repent of sin and tune their hearts to following God’s will and His commandments.

Her message will engage individuals, inspire teams and transform the heart that is prayerfully seeking to live a God-first life. As the Holy Spirit speaks through her messages, He will work in every willing heart to create a life that is wholly sold out to God.

We are eager to be a part of your next church or ministry event – regardless of size. We can bring one of our ministry programs to your church, or we can tailor a message to your event theme. To request more information or schedule a booking, fill out the online form below. Or call us at 904.239.8937.

Please note: We are not taking bookings for any event before September 1 or until after the COVID-19 danger has passed. If you have a fall, winter, or 2021 event, we can tentatively book based on being able to travel and be social again. 

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