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Mark 7:21-23. Sin is a heart problem

the Pharisees twisted the commandment in order to side-step the law. Jesus was not rejecting the law. Instead he rebuked the Pharisees for not uphold it. The real issue here is not eating with unwashed hands, ritual purity, or oral traditions and who should or should not follow them. In quoting Isaiah, Jesus lets them know the real issue is a heart issue and their hearts are far from God. … Continue readingMark 7:21-23. Sin is a heart problem


Mark 7:6. Lip-Service without Heart-Service

Anytime worship is merely outward and not from the heart, than it is nothing more than
a hypocritical worship. True purity and worship is a matter of inward love and a right attitude, not just outward actions and religious rituals. You can do all the right “things” and still not do them for the right reasons.¬†True worship is always accompanied by a lifestyle of a heart committed to God. … Continue readingMark 7:6. Lip-Service without Heart-Service

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