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Quick Bits & Quotes

Genesis 45:8. God’s Provision in Unexpected Ways

here is a story about Andrew Jackson and his childhood friends. His friends had a hard time understanding how Andy, as they called him, became a famous general and then the President of the United States. They each had known other people who had greater talent, who were smarter, who more better off financially – but never succeeded. As the friends were reminiscing and talking one day, one of the said, “Why Jim Brown, who lived right down the pike from Jackson, was not only smarter but he could throw Andy three times out of four in a wrestling match. But look where Andy is now.”

Scripture of the Day

Matthew 4:19. Be A Leader Willing to Follow

Because I work in a leadership position, I’m constantly trying to learn new things about how to be a better leader. I constantly want to grow my leadership skills, know what God expects of me as a leader, and how can I grow those whom I lead to carry on the work that I currently do. One lesson I’ve learned is there are times where the leader has to be willing to follow.

Scripture of the Day

Blessed or Cursed?

Wellspring’s Verse of the Day:Jeremiah 17:5-7
Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, Whose hear departs from the Lord… Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, And whose hope is the Lord.

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