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Quick Bits & Quotes

Quotes from the Self Care Blog Series

The hurting come to us, expecting us to help them, encourage them, and even fix what is broken in their lives.

Couple Growth Challenges

Couple Challenge: Personal Reflection

Contempt is a combination of disgust and anger. It indicates you feel a person is beneath you and is an arrogant disregard for another person. Eye-rolling and sarcastic tones are not only indicators that contempt is present; they are conversation killers, relationship killers, trust killers, and love destroyers. When there is contempt, there is no …

Developing Godly Marriages

What is Love?

By Julie Bruce For some “love” might feel more like one of those four-letter words we aren’t supposed to say. For others it might feel more like the Disney concept of singing forest animals and “happily ever after.” The truth is we can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other based on …

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