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Couple Challenge: Faith & Marriage


Resentment is not Biblical, nor is it good for your marriage. Instead, be honest with your feelings. Resentment occurs when we feel like we have been treated unfairly and it leads to bitterness. The longer we hold on to it, the more it festers and creates a bigger and bigger wound. We need to let go of any resentment that is festering inside and trade it for forgiveness.

We also need to take responsibility for any part that we may have caused. Then, in love, discuss the hurt with your spouse. As we own up to our own part and practice forgiveness, we are better able to protect the heart of the one we love. Pray together and ask God to help you overcome bitterness and to forgive each other. If there is no resentment in this season of your marriage, then discuss how you can avoid holding on to grudges that fester and create resentment.