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John 17:9. Jesus Prays for You

In John 17, we find a time when Jesus prays for his disciples and for us. As each second of time bring him closer to the cross, you were on his mind and He stopped to pray for you. … Continue readingJohn 17:9. Jesus Prays for You


Luke 18:7-8. A Persistent Widow

In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tell the parable of the persistent widow. She is a poor, powerless widow up against a corrupt, powerful judge and she is seeking justice. While the Bible is clear on its teaching¬† that those in power and leadership roles are to work justly and stand up for the week and the poor, this is not Jesus’ point in this parable. There are three things Jesus wants us to get from this parable 1) pray and don’t give up; 2) keep the faith; 3) Justice in a corrupt world can only come from God.¬† … Continue readingLuke 18:7-8. A Persistent Widow

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