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Couple Challenge: Conversation Starter


As a married couple, you are part of a team. A good team can communicate well. They have united goals and work towards a common end. Each person on the team contributes to their fair share of the responsibilities. Team members support one another, just as ligaments support and join together our bodies. They understand and accept the uniqueness of each other. They recognize the skills and strengths each person brings to a team, as well as the weaknesses, and they work together to build up the weaknesses. A good team has a strong leader. A good team knows how to both work and have fun. They know when to get down to business and when they need to rest. Which of these areas shows your marriage is a good team? Which are lacking or not present? What can you do to be a better team?


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Couple Challenge: Faith & Marriage


Philippians 2:3 teaches us that we should not be conceited or live with rivalry between us. Instead, in humility, we need to consider others more important than ourselves. When we live with rivalry, we live in competition to achieve the same objective or to strive for superiority. Being conceited is to be excessively proud of yourself or vain. On the other hand, humility means we don’t think we are better than someone else or that our needs are more important than another person’s needs. It means that we are courteous and respectful of others. It is going beyond what’s deserved and meeting their needs even when it isn’t deserved. Humility allows us to live in peace and harmony with one another. It dissipates anger and helps to heal old emotional wounds. How would living with humility and putting your spouse’s needs above your own impact your relationship or make a difference in your marriage?