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Names of God: Jehovah-Shalom

Just as Gideon encountered Jehovah-Shalom at Ophra, so we desperately need to encounter Him today. Peace is the antithesis of fear. It provides perspective, encourages hope, builds confidence, inspires courage, and affirms our trust in the power of God. … Continue readingNames of God: Jehovah-Shalom


Luke 8:25. This is Different

Can you honestly say that you would ever think that in our day with all the medical knowledge that we have that we would ever see a national outbreak of a virus? This is different. In the different, will we be like the disciples in the midst of the storm? They looked around and said – “Where is Jesus?” … Continue readingLuke 8:25. This is Different

Judges 6:12, 14. Go in the strength you have

Perhaps you are a medical person on the front lines of caring for people with COVID-19 or you’re in the ministry as a pastor or lay leader and you are caring for and praying with families who have the virus or have lost someone because of the virus. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed by the need and each time you get to sit for just a moment and rest, you’re called to care for the next patient or the next church member. Even as you answer the call you can see no relief, no slowing in the spread of the virus, and no end coming any time soon. … Continue readingJudges 6:12, 14. Go in the strength you have

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