Keeping Ministry Professionals and Lay-Leaders in Ministry through Biblical and practical self-care. Today’s quote is from Part 24 of the blog series.Continue Reading

Ananais and Sapphira were guilty of lying to the Holy Spirit. Are Christians today guilty too? Continue Reading

What do you think of when you think of a hand? When you think about your God’s hand, think of his provision, his power, his presence, and his protection that gives you salvation, safety, and security.Continue Reading

A priest was preaching to his congregation concerning heaven and hell. To emphasize the difference between the two, he asked that all who wanted to go to heaven stand up with him. All the congregation rose. He then asked that all who wanted to to go hell stand up with him. No one rose. For the full dramatic impact he waited for several seconds before continuing. The silence was broken by a small boy who slowly rose to his feet.Continue Reading

We live in a world filled with turmoil, lies, deceit, murders. There are gang wars, national wars, family wars, even wars within many churches. Yet, Jesus said, “Peace I give unto you.” (John 14:27). So, why is peace so elusive?Continue Reading